Monday, September 22, 2014

So You Think It's Easy: Perception

So You Think It's Easy: Perception: How fortunate we are to be born human beings!  To be able to perceive the world we live in through our own innate senses.  I have come ...


How fortunate we are to be born human beings!  To be able to perceive the world we live in through our own innate senses.  I have come to believe through observing people and their interactions,  that  the reason human beings develop insecurities about their lives is because of their inability to trust themselves.  One of the unique and wonderful traits of being a female, is the ability to express outwardly the feelings that are screaming from deep within their lives to come out and be addressed.  The male species, on the other hand tends to hold on to their feelings, unable to express what they really feel because they have been socialized to believe that this is tantamount to being a weak person.  That is truly unfortunate, and it causes a lot of angst between men and women.  Therefore, women tend to turn to other women to talk about their lives instead of sharing what they feel with the men in their lives because they crave interactive feedback.  No wonder we have such a difficult time with maintaining our relationships!  But the first thing we must do to get beyond this issue is to trust and believe in ourselves, first. It is sooooo.... important  to be able to trust your perception of your environment so that you are able have clarity about those things that you encounter on a daily basis that are outside of you that have the power to get you off track.    I often hear people say, "if only I have followed my first mind."  By the time you have made that declaration, it is too late.  The instance or event has passed.  You perceived the reality of the situation, but you did not trust yourself to see the best choice. This is what is meant by living with regret. Yet, that is a waste of time and energy, the time has past.  But if you are smart, you will begin to pay attention to your perception of a situation, and trust your gut.  We are all born with the ability to protect our lives through using our our own senses.  Remember, in elementary school, we were taught about the five senses?  This was probably our first science lesson, and it turns out it was the most important science lesson we could ever have in my opinion.  It does not take a science degree to understand the five senses.  It is very elementary, yet very fundamental to our existence. Think about it, the sense of sight is so important to be able to perceive our lives inside and out, the sense of taste is so important to perceive if something is good or bad to put into your body, the sense of hearing is so important to perceive what is going on in your environment, the sense of smell is so important to perceive whether the environment is clean or not, the sense of touch is so important to perceive good feelings about an object, or person.  As long as we live, these five senses if  allowed to be perceived in our lives, will protect us.  Now is the time to take a review course about your five senses.  With so much unrest in the world, we need to learn all over again, how to be truly independent; how to perceive our world from our own sense of self.  Don't be afraid to look within for the answers you your own perception and do not be afraid to express what you feel about a situation.